Teaming issues directly impact organizational effectiveness, from the top of the organization to the front lines.  Teaming is a differentiator: organizations that have better teaming skills get better results.

If you are looking for a magical team transformation in the course of a feel-good, two-day retreat, we are not the firm for you.  That’s because team development is a process, not an event. Because change only happens over time, we partner with teams over several months.

Here are the principles that guide our work with teams:

Team coaching is time on target.  We use the team’s current business challenges as the backdrop for our work together. The results of coaching are measured in business success.

“We,” not “you” or “they.” We don’t coach individual relationships among team members. The object of focus in coaching is the team as a whole.  Our philosophy is that everyone owns the team’s experience, challenges, and achievements. Coaching shows team members how their actions and attitudes create ripple effects throughout the whole team, and beyond the team.

We help teams increase safety and trust.  Psychological safety is a prerequisite to healthy teaming.  Teams learn and practice open dialogue so they can see, name, and discuss relationship dynamics with candor.

The teams owns its own results. As coaching progresses, the team takes more responsibility for experimenting and applying new approaches that encourage high performance. The team learns to diagnose and address its own learning needs, applying our model of 14 teaming competencies.

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