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7-week intensive

More Calm, Compassion, and Family Connection During Overwhelming and Uncertain Times

Discover what parents and teens with strong Positive Intelligence™ do differently to bring out their best when life gets challenging.

do you ever:

“Lose it” with your family, unable to contain irritability or frustration?

Feel you can never get out from the crush of stress, worry and overwhelm?

Resent your family, feeling like they don’t see or appreciate you?

Lose sleep over the “what ifs?” What if my parents catch COVID? What if we can’t go back to “normal?”

Feel riddled with self-doubt and beat yourself up for not being good enough?

Find it hard to bounce back after a mistake, failure or conflict?

This doesn’t have to be your forever.

These difficult moments and negative emotions can trigger a cascade of reactions in others, ourselves and most of all, our children. But that isn’t your fault…few of us have been taught how to parent well. 

You have the power to change this.

Imagine if you could give your children the ability to:

Bounce back from mistakes and disappointment with more positivity and a learning mindset.

Be kinder to themselves and find greater empathy for others.

Access calm and clarity in frustrating situations.

Step into conflict constructively, rather than fear it.

You can. It starts with you.

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Retrain Your Brain

Our 7-week intensive program in Positive Intelligence™.

The 3-step brain retraining model is designed to help you build up mental muscles tied to a positive mindset, compassion, healthy relationships and peak performance. This program is rooted in research from neuroscience, positive psychology, and performance science.

In Just 7 weeks you will go

From Stress and Overwhelm

Imposing exhausting standards and expectations on yourself

To Renewed Energy and Purposeful Action

Getting aligned with what inspires you, with greater empathy

From Worry about the Future

Forecasting worst-case scenarios and living in the “what-ifs”

To Being Present

Facing what “is” with greater calm and perspective

From I’m Never Enough

Feeling inadequate, comparing self to others

To I’ve Got This

Being kinder to yourself and bouncing back more quickly from setbacks

From Defensiveness and Resentment

Negative reactions born from sabotaging thought patterns

To Connectedness

Healthier, more trusting relationships

At the end of these seven weeks, you will be able

to meet life’s challenges with a positive mindset, be the role

model you dream of being for your children, and

deeply reconnect with your family.

In this program you will receive:

7 hours of Positive Intelligence training

7 hours of live, facilitated group coaching and connection

1 year of access to the PQ mental fitness app

Daily mental fitness-building prompts via the PQ app

1 hour of personalized 1:1 coaching with your PQ coach

8 chapters of the Positive Intelligence™ book – print and audio format

Invitation to our Alumni Group at a discounted rate

Your start date: April 11-13

500,000+ participants to date

What adults are saying

Meet Valerie and Wendy:
Your ‘Retrain Your Brain’ Coaches

Valerie Lingeman, M.A., PCC

I lost my 94-year-old mother to complications after major cancer surgery last February. Then the pandemic hit, we locked down, and my work dried up. So did my husband’s. On top of it, our two teenage sons struggled with the sudden loss of school activities, opportunities to be with friends, and the shift to distance learning. Things snowballed from bad to worse, and we found ourselves a family in crisis. I wasn’t sleeping, we were wracked with worry, and we felt helpless to change the direction things were heading in.

Coincidentally, one of my clients told me about Positive Intelligence™ and the 7-week brain retraining program.

I took it thinking it would be valuable for my coaching clients. I stand behind it now because it helped me ingrain – like the muscle memory we learn through repeated practice of a physical motion – positive thinking habits. As a result, I feel more calm and optimistic day to day.

I am able to interrupt worrying patterns faster and become more resourceful and directed. I navigate layers of stress with a sharpened ability to find silver-linings and embrace and accept what I can not control.

In my 22 years coaching executives, leaders, and teams, I can say with confidence that no other process or program I have used is as effective at helping clients embed positive thinking habits and expand self-awareness as quickly as the 7-Week Intensive combined with coaching.

Wendy Reed, CPCC

I’ve been coaching clients using Positive Intelligence™ for several years. When the 7-Week Intensive was offered to coaches last spring, I took it to deepen my proficiency.

I was surprised by how profoundly the program changed my life, given that I’d already been applying the model via the book. In the first 2 weeks, I learned how significantly my inner “Judge,” a negative character you explore in the program, was affecting my life, and my family’s by proxy. How it was poisoning my mood and perspective with its doomsday messaging.

I began doing the recommended mental exercises, prompted by the program’s “PQ app” and, in a few more weeks, went from feeling like I was getting kicked in the stomach when I looked at the “latest” on my phone to a more peaceful state of mind. From getting that familiar sinking into the abyss feeling, to quickly noticing it and shifting out before negative thoughts could hijack me. 

My own mother was so intrigued by my experience that she took the program next and invited 5 friends to join her in a “pod.”  A few weeks in, she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer.  To my amazement, after a brief time of “taking it in,” she faced her diagnosis as a gift. She looked at it as her opportunity to reach out and connect again, after feeling isolated for too long. 

I know my mother would be on a very different journey today had she not done the program.  She and friends continue to meet post-program and are supporting each other on their own Positive Intelligence journeys.

Imagine if your entire life was changed in 7 weeks

You can immediately reduce tension, deepen family connection, face tough situations, and bring a better you to your family:

Train your brain to notice and quickly shift out of patterned negativity

Avoid the cascade of negative consequences on yourself and those you care about when stress and negativity would normally get the upper hand

Begin to access your “superpowers,” 6 powers every human has at the ready that bring greater joy, connection, and purposeful action

The program is for anyone ages 15 and up

Have teens or young adults who:

Fear they’ll fall short of expectations – yours and society’s

Are afraid to make mistakes

Worry about college, fitting in, or the number of likes they get on a social post

Wonder what will even be possible for them, given current limitations

Bottle up their stress, making it hard for us to reach them

Are living with you temporarily to find their own direction or financial stability

When you enroll in the 7-Week Intensive, you gift yourself and your family new inner resources that will serve you now and last a lifetime. 

What teens are saying

What You Will Learn


How you self-sabotage and how to stop the habit cold

Learn to recognize and weaken your top 3 saboteurs and their age-old patterns – patterns that start when we are very little — that stand in the way of enjoying greater peace of mind, healthier relationships and focused action.


Brain (re)training exercises

Learn and begin building a positive mindset charge throughout your day. Begin using brain exercises strategically to better handle stressful situations. Grow your Sage brain’s ability to take charge, even when your Saboteur brain feels threatened. Begin shifting your mind’s focus on command. Bounce back faster.


Powerful perspective-shifting

Move beyond finding “silver linings” and begin the practice of actively converting challenging situations and circumstances into gifts and opportunities. Learn the 3 Gifts Technique to find opportunity in setbacks.


5 “Sage” Superpowers and how to access them

 When one part of your brain screams “I can’t deal with this,” you will have a bridge to access specific skills proven to help you handle situations with positivity, compassion, resourcefulness, purpose, and laser-focused action.

You can learn how to control your mindset

to regain peace with your family and enjoy life again!

are you ready?


1 hour per week of video-based mental fitness training
1 hour per week of live group coaching via Zoom (5 participants per group), shown to amplify results 500x
1 year of access to the specialized PQ app brain-retraining exercises
Daily mental fitness-building prompts via the PQ app
1 hour of personalized 1:1 coaching with your PQ coach
8 chapters of the Positive Intelligence™ book – print and audio format
Invitation to our Alumni Group at a discounted rate, to keep up momentum

This program will benefit every single human (unless you are already at a Dalai Lama-level of consciousness).

We humans are not typically trained to notice where we get in our own way; how to build mental muscles that can shift our minds into positivity on command; how to consciously step into better versions of ourselves.  This is a unique, simplified approach to offer you just that.

You should not enroll until you are sure you can make the time commitment needed to get the most out of it and are open and ready to learn. 

The total weekly time commitment needed to get solid results is 4.5 hours:
1 hour – watch weekly video (can do this over the weekend)
1 hour – live weekly learning pod meeting (on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday)
1/2 hour – share your insights and questions with your pod group in a private on-line chat, during the week, when it’s convenient for you
15 minutes daily engaging with the app for self-command exercises and goal-directed self-reporting

Prerequisite: You must have a smartphone to access all video content and the PQ app.

If you think you will miss more than 2 of the weekly pod meetings, we recommend you wait to register until you can make the time commitment.  You will get less out of the experience and your pod members will lose out, not having you there!

There are many benefits of doing the program together:

  • You will share a new vocabulary, skills, and mindset-shifting tools to relate in healthier ways
  • You will be able to support each other’s learning and growth
  • You can hold each other accountable for doing the work during the program…and continuing your new habits afterward
  • You will be able to better recognize when your loved ones are in the grip of a negative Saboteur, and keep yourself in a calm, empathetic, positive mindset

If you go through the program solo:

  • You will learn and grow together with your program “pod”
  • Each pod member will bring their own Saboteurs to the table and work through them, just like you
  • What you learn can readily be applied to your interactions with your family and will help you keep your own saboteurs out of the mix when challenges arise
  • This process will help you better interact with others and find empathy for those with whom you might normally have conflict

Week of April 4: Onboarding – download the PQ app, get set up, and explore the PQ Gym
April 10:  First video is released
April 11, 12, or 13: First Pod meeting – 90 minutes; thereafter, one hour weekly. You select best date/time option when you register
Week of May 24: Final pod meeting: program concludes

Pod meeting options include:
Sunday evenings – 5-6pm
Monday mornings – 8-9 am, 10-11 am, 1-2 pm 
Monday afternoons – 3-4pm, 4-5pm
Monday evenings – 7:30-8:30pm  
Tuesday mornings – 8-9 am

Adults and teens are assigned to separate pods, with their peers.

Please let us know if you would like to be in a pod with a friend who is also enrolling.
Five people per pod keeps the experience personal and engaging.

First, Positive IntelligenceTM has distilled many methodologies and concepts on how humans thrive into just three core skill sets. The framework is simple, doable, and all you need to shift out of negativity and gain more control over your mindset from day to day, moment to moment.

Here’s what further differentiates this program:

  • It integrates current research on positive mindset and growth mindsets with decades of research on how adults learn, develop, and establish positive new habits.
  • The mobile learning format and bite-sized “micro learning” chunks ensure you can learn from anywhere and fit the learning into your busy day.  
  • The program content is designed for people who have diverse learning styles, so every participant feels engaged and learning is reinforced.
  • The coach-led pod meetings deepen learning and provide both support and accountability that increases results 500 times!

Accountability, do-ability, and engagement guarantee you will get results.

Mindfulness alone isn’t enough to help us switch up our thinking patterns and overcome our Saboteurs.  The 7-week intensive gives you a complete and simplified framework for literally growing your mental muscles and powering your life from a positive mindset.

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We are so confident in the power of this program that we offer a money back guarantee. If you participate in the program as it is designed and you are not satisfied with the results you get within the first 30 days, we will refund your entire investment.