What is a Peer Learning Circle?

Peer learning is a low cost, high return development investment that simultaneously delivers business results and develops leaders.  Double Helix Learning designs peer learning engagements and facilitates peer learning circles, in person or virtually.

When do organizations use peer learning?

Peer learning is a great investment if you want to:

  • Help your organization talk to itself and dissolve stovepipes
  • Accelerate integration after a merger or acquisition
  • Help leaders in new roles rapidly build networks and social capital
  • Foster collaboration after a reorganization
  • Support leaders overseeing major change initiatives
  • Help new supervisors adapt to leading others and learn coaching skills
  • Deliver the bottom line value of diversity

What happens in a peer learning circle?

  • Five or six participants bring current business challenges to their peers, seeking to help each other.
  • Participants use listening, inquiry, and reflection to explore root causes, drivers, theories, and options. The group avoids advice-giving.
    • When the group emphasizes asking good questions rather than making statements or offering solutions, thinking expands and deepens.
    • The initial challenge often gets reframed and redefined.
  • Diverse perspectives produce fresh insights, challenge mindsets, and reveal new possibilities for taking action.
  • Group members hold each other accountable for following through on stated commitments.
  • Reflection supports development of a learning mindset and mindful leadership.
  • A remarkable level of trust grows among group members as they share challenges and help each other.

Overheard in peer learning circles:

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