Stressed out by uncertainty? Try a Clarity Conversation

The Covid-19 crisis has turned everything upside down. Questions without answers keep us up at night, and pound our brains on awakening.

The crisis is pushing us into new ways of connecting, relating, transacting business, and learning.  When we come out of this, some things will revert to “normal” but many things will be forever changed.

What questions are you harboring about the future for your business? What changes are taking place in your customers’ and suppliers’ environments?  How should your business processes and strategy shift to meet these changes?  What new opportunities are emerging? What do people most need from you, as a leader?

If you crave clarity and direction amidst all of this uncertainty, join me for a 90-minute virtual Clarity Conversation.

What we’ll do:

  • Convene a group of 5-7 people via Zoom for 90 minutes
  • One person (the Challenge Owner) will briefly share a personal or professional challenge, opportunity, or priority. The Challenge Owner should:
    • Be open to listening and receiving help
    • Not already have a solution or plan in mind
  • Group members will bring an open mind and a willingness to help the Challenge Owner
  • We’ll use a structured, facilitated, efficient inquiry process to help the Challenge Owner explore different aspects of his or her priority.

What you’ll get out of it:

  • The Challenge Owner gets real help with the priority and the benefit of diverse perspectives.
  • Group members experience the power of peer learning and helping.
  • Everyone learns a simple, elegant process you can use in your families, community or professional organizations to improve problem-solving and achieve clarity on important questions.

If you’re interested in trying out this powerful method in your organization or with a group of peers, email or call me on 202-276-6116 to learn more. We can easily schedule a Clarity Conversation at your convenience.